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Private Events

Socalize For Sport

Who We Are

Socialize for sport. A simple principle embodies the spirit of our concept. We are golfers. We are lifelong members of the hospitality industry. We are members of the community. And we believe Back 9 Social is the perfect child of these traits.

People golf for the sport and the competition but also for the friendship and culture. No sport has grown to the extent that golf has in recent years and it is no mystery why. What we love most about golf is that people of all levels, from the beginner to the pro, can gather under one roof at the same time to enjoy the game and the company of each other. Back 9 Social allows everyone to grow in their passion for golf while enjoying the finer things in life.

Back 9 Social has brought together the pinnacle of golf simulation with the best of hospitality. Gastropub eats, craft cocktails, and the premier launch monitors and simulators. There is no better place to have your next social event. Let our expertise create a fun, memorable experience for you and for your friends and family.

Private Parties & Events

From casual birthday parties to large corporate events and everything in between, Back 9 Social as the experience and flexibility to make every event a success. We can host cocktail receptions, luncheons, birthdays, reunions, showers, meetings, rehearsals, bachelor/bachelorette parties and much more. Back 9 Social features and extensive menu with the culinary ability to adjust to any of your needs. Wash down our incredible eats with a great mix of beer, wine, and signature cocktails.

Don’t see the perfect fit for your event? We are happy to make adjustments to meet your needs.


We’re more than just a beautiful building with top of the line golf simulators. We have darts and TVs and killer drinks and eats. Don’t feel like golfing? That’s impossible, everyone always feels like golfing. But if for some reason you have managed the impossible you can book a bay to watch your favorite team or movie. You can do literally whatever here.

No clubs? No problem. We have clubs for lefties, righties, kids, adults, men, and women. And tees and balls of course. Everything you need for a great private event we can supply. Our mission is to help you in whatever way possible.

We offer more than stuff. Hospitality is our backbone and our passion. Our sales team will walk you through every part of the private event experience from touring the space to decorating for your event.

Your Experience

We designed our venue to provide the ultimate social experience. Our industrially designed
space creates a perfect ambiance for gathering. Each bay is semi-private and has easy access to our bar which is centered in our space.

At your event we will arrange the furniture to create the ideal socializing space while accommodating any food in your event package. We will run and replenish all food for you while you and your guests will have easy walk up access to the bar. We can also supply you with your own server to run drinks for a small fee.

Order for Pickup or Delivery